A Concierge-style solution for life transitions, relocation & estate project services.

A Clean Slate

Residential & Estate Organizer

When you or a loved one is going through a life transition it can be overwhelming & time-consuming. At A Clean Slate, we know how stressful it can be & are here to provide our expertise. From a move to estate management, we are here to take care of a variety of tasks so you don’t have to.



Personal & Estate Document Management

Financial Documents | Medical Paperwork | Legal Documents

There are many important & confidential documents to keep track of when handling an estate. At A Clean Slate, we take care of the gathering & sorting of financial, medical, household & legal documents for you as well as create a personalized file system so you can have quick and easy access to them later.


Estate Inventory & Distribution

Cash | Bonds/Stocks | Artwork | Sentimental Items | Jewelry  

Often times when handling an estate there are personal & valuable items that need to be identified, stored & distributed. Whether there is a list of bequeathed property to find, or you’re just not sure what to look for, we are here to help secure, document & transfer your valuables to a safe location. They will be protected until ready to be packed & shipped to their final destination so you don’t have to worry. We will coordinate any remaining items to be donated or disposed of as needed.


Home/Property Management & Sales Preparation

Changing Locks | Coordinating Repairs | Clearing Clutter

Being a trustee or handling an estate can be a lot of work. We are here to help make things easier and take care of tasks like securing the property, doing periodic security site visits, coordinating repairs, and clearing clutter in preparation for the sale of the property or home so you can have more time in your day knowing your estate is taken care of.

Relocation/Downsizing for Seniors

A Thoughtful Tranisition To Promote Memory & Comfort

Transitioning to a new location can be emotional & stressful, especially for anyone losing sight or memory. We want to help make the process easy and comfortable for your loved ones. We take care of the heavy lifting with packing, shipping & coordinating movers. Every box and item is packed & unpacked thoughtfully in the new space so that it is familiar. This way your loved ones have a smooth transition into their new surroundings. We help by choosing items that will help them maintain memories so they always feel at home.


Relocation & Move In

Pack | Unpack| In & Out Of State

Relocating is full of tasks and moving parts and often times happens during a busy time in your life. A Clean Slate is here to make the transition easy. We tailor our services so that we can help as much or as little as you need. We can pack and leave the unpacking to you or do a full move and unpack at your destination whether that is in or out of state. Our packing process is intentional and organized. We also take care of move-in and move-out cleanings & coordinate with movers so that everything runs smoothly.

Joining or Dividing Households

Newlyweds | Divorce | Roommates

Whether you are combining a home or dividing one, we are here to help sort, prioritize and label property so that there is no confusion on what to keep or give away. For newlyweds, we are here to help set up your new home together for success so that when you come back from your honeymoon you can start your lives with a beautiful, organized home. For those separating, we are here to help label and distribute items so that the process is smooth and painless.


Appointed As Executive Or Trustee?

We are here to help you save time, money and frustration through our expertise and personalized services.

“Meg is incredibly talented. Her ability to make quick assessments and get right to task truly highlight the efficiency of her work. Meg packed and loaded three trailers of our possessions for shipment to California and Tennessee. Her experience shows in her work.”

-John & Chris, Sedona

Looking For Resources For Your Client?

We provide a personalized, professional & concierge-style approach to estate management to reduce stress for your clients.

“Somehow, I knew everything would be OK once Meg arrived. Her confident and caring demeanor brought a calming air to our project. She worked alongside our family to create a clean and safe space for our dad to return to convalesce after his stroke. We plan on having Meg back to help with his next transition.”

-Becky, Colorado

Meg A Clean Slate Organizer

I’m Meg Mosley

As a US Army veteran with over 15 domestic and international moves, I understand the importance of efficiency, confidentiality, and dependability.

Removing the Stress & hassle from life transitions & estate management

We know that life transitions & property management can be overwhelming. That is why we provide a variety of services to help you do it with less stress.

Estates Cleared

Items Inventoried

Sharpies Used

Happy Customers

Wonderful people all around. Meg is a great communicator and followed up with me right away. I will be using this service on a regular basis. I highly recommend, and I am quite picky about my house!” -Cecilia C.

Meg and her handy team were very communicative about what they could and could not do. Getting work done in a timely manner is so important!!” –Anthony D.

Meg responded quickly and arrived on time the next morning. In just two hours, she had my kitchen organized. She followed up with detailed information I had mentioned I needed. Meg went above and beyond.” –Mike K.

I definitely made the right decision to choose Meg to help me get our home organized. She is pleasant, qualified, dependable and hardworking.” –Linda P.

A Clean Slate Organizer Team

What Sets Us apart

Skilled Experts | Variety of Services | Thoughtful Processes

We know it is not easy managing an estate or going through a life transition. It can be stressful, time-consuming & emotional. We are here to provide a personalized, holistic and concierge-style approach so you have more time in your day while knowing your property and loved ones are being taken care of.

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