Personal & Estate Document Management

During estate management, there are many important and confidential documents that need to be located and secured. We take care of the gathering & sorting of all essential documents by topic, which typically includes financial, medical, household, and legal. We also create a personalized filing system so you can have quick and easy access to all paperwork. We help coordinate organizational supplies and with over 35 years of experience, we know what documents to look for and how to create a physical filing system that is easy to use to keep you organized. This way you can be confident that all your important paperwork is safe and sorted for whenever you need it.
A Clean Slate Organizer
A Clean Slate Organizer

Estate Inventory & Distribution

When handling an estate it is essential to locate and secure sentimental and valuable items on the property. Sometimes we’re given a list of bequeathed property and other times our clients don’t know what will be found in a decedent’s home. So, how does it work? If we’re given a list we will find everything, document where each item was located by photographing and creating a full inventory, and then we secure those items by either putting them in a storage unit, safety deposit box, or leaving them secured in the home if that is the client’s wish. If a client doesn’t have a list of bequeathed property, we will create a full inventory of the home for all items so you can decide what is valuable or sentimental. We also take care of distribution, so in addition to packing and preparing your items to ship to you or other family members, we will coordinate any remaining items to be donated or disposed of as needed, including the proper disposal of hazardous waste. We are insured & practice thorough documentation, so you can rest assured that any valuables located on the property will be properly secured.


Home/Property Management & Home Sale Preparation

A Clean Slate can help with many property management or home sale preparation tasks to make your life easier. We’ll secure your property by changing the locks, complete periodic security checks to deter theft or damage, and board up windows and doors if needed to protect your home. We’ll coordinate and supervise repairs for you such as plumbing, painting, electrical, HVAC etc. as well as provide reports to you to verify that the work was done properly. We also clean out clutter in preparation for a sale of the property or home. Whether you live locally or out of state, sometimes you just really need boots on the ground to make sure everything on your to-do list is done and done well. A Clean Slate has your back so you won’t stress about your property and all its needs.
A Clean Slate Organizer
A Clean Slate Organizer


Residential Downsizing for Seniors

Senior transitions, especially downsizing, can be emotional & stressful and oftentimes complicated by the loss of sight or memory. A Clean Slate is here to help make the process comfortable and less stressful for your loved ones. We can coordinate packing, shipping, & movers so everything runs like clock-work. Every box is packed & unpacked thoughtfully in the new space and organized so that it is familiar & mirrors aspects of their old space for personal comfort but also to help them maintain memories in their new living environment. This way your loved ones have a smooth transition into their new surroundings & feel at home.


Relocation & Move In

Moving can be so stressful but it doesn’t have to be! A Clean Slate is here to help make your life transition easy. We pack to unpack, which means our packing process is intentional and organized so that unpacking is efficient and items arrive unharmed & not just shoved in a box with other miscellaneous items. We tailor our services to the needs and desires of our clients. We can do basic packing all the way to hanging up photos and organizing drawers and closets in your new home. We coordinate with movers so that everything runs smoothly and there is no confusion on deadlines or timeframes. Our packing and unpacking services are for in and out of Arizona. Want us to pack all your stuff and then you unpack it at your new home? We can do that! Want us to pack all your stuff and then travel to your new home to help you unpack? We can do that too! We also take care of coordinating move-in and move-out cleanings so there is no mess left behind. This way, you get the amount of service you need for any move or relocation.
A Clean Slate Organizer
Newly Wed Special
A Clean Slate Organizer


Joining or Dividing Households

There’s so much to consider when dividing or combining a household. Let’s start with joining households: It’s not always easy to know what to keep, what there are duplicates of, and how to sort everything when two or more people move in together. At A Clean Slate, we help you sort, prioritize, and label property so that there is no confusion on what to keep, store, sell, or give away.

“Vow To Organize” is one of our services that can be gifted to newlyweds to help them start their life together stress-free and organized. You can register for this as a wedding gift for yourself or purchase a gift card for a happy couple as a gift. It starts with the couple completing an assessment listing what items they have and making decisions about what happens with duplicate items. A Clean Slate will pack, deliver, and put everything away for you so you can return from your honeymoon and immediately settle into life together rather than have the stress of unpacking and organization hanging over your head when you return.

For division of a home through divorce or when roommates separate, we are here to help provide some mediation and organization of property while the items are being sorted. Similar to joining households, we begin with an assessment of what belongs to each person by priority, we then help color coordinate the inventory list, label everything for distribution, and then facilitate the distribution of property to the rightful owner. We help make the process smooth so that sorting valuables is one less thing to worry about with the stress of moving and separating your life from another person.


To help you through our process we have included some commonly asked questions below. We also know that every situation is unique so feel free to reach out for a free, no-obligation consultation to see how we can best assist you!

Where do we even begin?
A Clean Slate understands the stress and anxiety that comes with life transitions of any kind. Moving a loved on to assisted living or managing the often-complex tasks of estate clearing can seem overwhelming.

It all begins with an assessment phone call to determine your specific needs and decide if we are a good partnership. A Clean Slate can jump in at any stage of the transition or estate project.

Can you give us an estimate for the project?

A Clean Slate offers concierge-style services that are billed at an hourly rate rather than a package deal.

This ensures that our energy and attention are focused on what you actually need, exactly how you want it. Give us a call to discuss your project so we can give you a quote.

How long does it take to clear an estate?

That depends on a number of factors. The most critical is access to the actual property to be managed, organized, and/or cleared. Once legal possession of a property has been determined, the project can be completed in as little as one week.

Complex situations which include multiple beneficiaries, interstate distribution, or home sale preparation can take longer.

Do you help with out of state services?
Absolutely, we stay in close contact with clients throughout their transition, relocation or estate project. Our case management skills ensure that detailed service notes are kept for each client.

A Clean Slate has provided services locally in Northern Arizona, throughout the state of Arizona, as well as relocation to California, Tennessee, Virginia, Michigan, and Florida.

How do we find movers, haulers, cleaners, and trade professionals?

Each client is free to inquire, vet and select vendors of their choosing. If desired, A Clean Slate can coordinate for all the services identified in the assessment meeting to ensure a coordinated and efficient effort.

How do we set up a safety deposit box or storage unit? Can I use one I already have?

A Clean Slate can help you by renting a safety deposit box or storage unit on your behalf if you don’t have one. If you already have one or desire us to rent one for you in a particular location A Clean Slate will use the one you have or rent one at your direction.

How do I know my valuable are safe with you?

A Clean Slate is fully insured so your valuables are safe with us. We have over 35 years of experience handling sensitive, sentimental, and valuable property for our clients.

How are bills paid for services A Clean Slate oversees on behalf of a client?

A Clean Slate will have a credit card on file for you. As your agent, we will get approval of estimates before approving any charges on your behalf and will provide receipts to show you what work was done. A Clean Slate does not pay your bills for you then seek reimbursement from clients.

How can I buy a gift card or wedding registry gift of A Clean Slate?

Please call for a gift card and specify the number of hours. A Clean Slate will either mail or hand-deliver the gift card if you are local.

Happy Customers

"Wonderful people all around. Meg is a great communicator and followed up with me right away. I will be using this service on a regular basis. I highly recommend, and I am quite picky about my house!" -Cecilia C.

"Meg and her handy team were very communicative about what they could and could not do. Getting work done in a timely manner is so important!!" -Anthony D.

"Meg responded quickly and arrived on time the next morning. In just two hours, she had my kitchen organized. She followed up with detailed information I had mentioned I needed. Meg went above and beyond." -Mike K.

"I definitely made the right decision to choose Meg to help me get our home organized. She is pleasant, qualified, dependable and hardworking." -Linda P.

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